Workshop 2

Location: Babbage Building, room 221.

The Urban Interface is an exploration of the existing technologies in the city of Plymouth that are open for appropriating, hacking and playing with. During the workshop participants will create interventions and join us to install them in and around the city in the evening.

By employing guerrilla tactics we aim to practice engagement with the urban environment and the users within it to create new possibilities from existing light and acoustic properties. The workshop participants will, with the help of their interventions, encourage the users of the city to reconnect with the environment in a playful manner. These urban interventions are group activities where we walk and hack together to address the politics of public spaces in the city. Each intervention will be a low-tech device made out of simple craft materials such as paper, wood, glue, and string. While the created objects are related to graffiti we encourage employing the dynamics of existing light and sound sources, or wind and water to gather the users attention.

Timetable The workshop and the urban intervention will take place on Friday 1st of May. 10:00 – 14:00


  • Introduction
  • Quick location scout if needed
  • Building of the intervention

20:00: Intervention Installation and documentation of the intervention in the urban space.


Preparation Please gather recycled materials you might want to use for your interventions:

  • pins
  • Wooden sticks
  • Tape
  • String / wool
  • Tracing Paper
  • Craft Paper (coloured tracing paper for lantern)
  • cardboard
  • chalk
  • seeds
  • sand
  • rocks



Rocio Von JungenfeldEdinburgh University

David StrangPlymouth University

Vincent Van UffelenIndependent Media Artist